3 Great Sex Positions For Ultimate Female Pleasure – Use These Orgasms Techniques to Your Advantage!

If you’re looking for sex positions that can maximize the potential for her to reach orgasm during intercourse, look no further. It is important to make sure that your woman has the fullest potential to climax in order to keep a healthy sexual relationship alive. You can do so by applying these 3 sex positions that are aimed towards achieving orgasms for women.

1. Thumb massager – When the woman is on top, the man can lie flat and tilted his pelvic area up word, with his muscles tightened up. Lift your pelvis up slightly or place a pillow under your rear end to prop yourself up. Next, put your hand on her lower belly just above her pubic area. With your thumb, gently stimulate and the size her clitoris while she is moving on top of you. This supplies plenty of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

2. T. form – Have the woman lie down on her back and the man should lie perpendicular to her (forming a T.). The man will be straddling her far leg and he can enter from slightly sideways. This is great for deep penetration as well as heavy clitoris stimulation that you can apply manually. This double sensation can provide powerful orgasms.

3. Maximizer – Have the woman lying on her back with her legs closed together. The man can either lie on top or stand or kneel entering in front of her. He should be entering at a slight diagonal angle and put both her legs over one of your shoulders or on one side of your body. This position is designed for maximum clitoral stimulation and is easy to perform if the man is standing or kneeling with the woman having her legs hanging off of the sofa or bed.