Great Alternatives in Modern Platform Bedroom Sets

If you’re planning on a bedroom furniture makeover, you can start with a platform bed for that sleek, contemporary feel. And it comes with a decent price you won’t practically be busting the rest of your priority list just to give in to that urge to redesign. These beds come in many styles and sizes which make it more likely for you to get something that truly suits your style and your personality. Plus, they’re known for being such fine bedroom furniture because of their versatility. They should have no problem blending in with the other furniture you have and may want to keep.

There are many things to these beds other than style. Their low profile provides the alternative of a Japanese touch that you may want to explore. And that’s without costing you a fortune because platform beds are decently priced furniture you can get with maximum durability and comfort. Not just that. They also come with no boxprings and other structures that go against the natural flow of your back so you actually have no backaches to wake up to. And you have a good night’s sleep to look forward to each day.

One thing you may not like with your typical metal-framed bed is the sagging that’s quite inevitable as the bed ages. Platform beds are naturally inclined not to sag because they have built-in support and are set at a height enough for it to hold itself up while providing comfort to the one who lays in it. Basically, it’s the law of science that makes these beds such a great partner when you want to retire peacefully from a backbreaking day. With a platform bed, you definitely wake up with a better back each time.

If you want to play up your platform bed, there’s a lot of possibilities you can explore. You can make it look classic with an intricately sculptured side table, for example, and some fair red curtains with gold yellow trimmings. Or you can simply get a color-crazed comforter and put in lots of throw pillows you want. The colors don’t even have to be close to each other as long as they look good as one. Usually, a solid wood platform bed is enough to provide the base that pulls everything together so you won’t really have to worry about the overall look.