How to Get Any Girl Into Bed Fast – Here Are the Stunning Secrets Every Man Must Know

Why do you think that some guys find it extremely easy to get any woman into bed while others struggle just to get a date? It’s not a matter of looks or your financial situation in order to get a woman into bed. It’s rather some other skills which no one will ever share with you. These are some of the most secret underground techniques which work most of the times. Read on to discover what these secrets are and how you can get any girl into bed as well fast………

Make sure you know her well enough- You simply can not approach a stranger and say will you have sex with me? You see that would simply not work one bit. This is the reason why you must have a healthy conversation going in order to actually approach her in a sexual manner.

Ask her what she wildest dreams are- Women are more emotional than men and for them everything starts in the mind. Therefore the best possible way to do this would be to ask her what her wildest fantasies are and what she truly fantasies about. This way you would get a clear idea as to what she likes and at the same time she would be already turned on since she is talking about her fantasies.

Let her know how skilled you are- This is where you tell her what kind of pleasure you are capable of providing. You shouldn’t actually directly say it but express it by telling her stories from your past or making up stories such as how you used to satisfy your ex girlfriend and so on. You see once she realizes that you have the capability to satisfy women in big ways she would be more than willing to experience it herself and would give her signals that she wants to have sex with you.


Bunk Bed Safety – Kid’s Bunk Beds Examined

Bunks are one of the best things you can do for kids bedrooms. Kids love sleeping in bunk beds, and there are so many ways kids can have fun with bunks that they just can’t with regular beds.

For example kids bunk beds can be turned into a castle just by hanging a sheet off the side of the top bunk. Or perhaps a battleship, or a dungeon.

And kids can spend hours playing on kids bunk beds and having fun.

However there are some safety issues that you should be aware of with kids bunk beds. Take some simple precautions and your kids should have years of fun with their bunks and be happy to share their bedrooms.

Kids can fall from the top bunk when playing. Of course a fall from the bottom bunk isn’t too much of an issue, it’s only 8 or 10 inches off the floor, but a fall from the top bunk is a different matter.

Make sure any kids bunk bed you buy has a proper guard rail right around the top. It is also suggested that you should have a gap of no more than 3 inches or so between the bottom of the rail and the top of the edge of the mattress, as a larger gap can allow a small child to slip through and perhaps catch between the guardrail and the mattress.

And if you have kids bunk beds already and have young children using them it doesn’t hurt to add some extra rails if there is any space larger than 3 or 4 inches that a child can slip through. The top of the guard rails should be 6 or more inches higher than the top of the mattress at least.

And make sure the guard rails are solid and strong and cannot become dislodged in any way. Don’t use detachable railings, you can get these on come bunkbeds and you don’t want them to become detached. Or if you have detachable railings on an existing bunk bed fasten them securely somehow.

And it is also wise to check the slats that the upper mattress rests on. On some kids bunk beds these can be put in place and required to stay there under their own weight and the weight of the mattress. If a child underneath pushes up on the mattress the slats can dislodge and the mattress and anything else on it like sheets and pillows, and another child, can fall on the child below.

This can be simply fixed, just fasten the slats securely.

And make sure that the mattress is the right size for the bed with no gaps anywhere for the child to fall through, not all mattresses are the same size.

Take some basic precautions and kids should have years of fun with their bunks. Good kids bunk beds allow you to house 2 kids in a bedroom with maximum space available where the use of 2 single beds might cause problems.

There are bunks that come in all shapes and sizes, and even bunks with cupboards and drawers in places to add to your storage space. And kids bunk beds look great, much better than regular single beds.

So do your kids a favor and treat them to some kids bunk beds, they’ll love them. Just take some precautions.

And bunks aren’t as expensive as you might imagine if you shop in the right place. The right place for cheap bunk beds is online.


Living With Pets: What Can It Do For You?

Man’s love for animals is best exemplified by his passion for pets. Many persons have lived with pets, mostly domesticated types because of many reasons. One of which is due to health reasons.

According to several studies, pets greatly help in reducing the stress of their owners. People tend to become more relaxed after playing or spending some time with their pets. There are further studies that revealed pets influence the moods of humans.

In many places, animals like dogs and cats are now used in the therapies of persons with critical illness. They help bring positive mindsets to patients which in turn help them respond better to the medications administered to them.

Families who own pets also attest that having pets at home make children develop a sense of responsibility at their early ages. They take care of the animals, feed them, and play with them.

Another advantage of living with pets is associated with security. Animals are known to develop loyalty to their owners. As such, they know who they are living with. In many cases, it has been proven that pets play crucial roles in safeguarding homes which they also treat as their own. Dogs bark at persons who they rarely see or never see at all.

Animals have also instincts and senses which are far more advanced than what humans have. They can smell smoke, chemicals, and other substances which can pose danger to man. There are also proofs in many news around the world that pets can save lives of humans in danger.

There have been instances when dogs carry humans out of burning houses. There are trained cats that can safely enter rubbles and lead trapped humans out.

Despite the many proven advantages of living with pets, there are also drawbacks. One of these is associated with the maintenance of furniture. Although pets are domesticated and trained, they can still show their wild side and damage furniture like   sofa  and beds. If left uncaged, they can also play with plants and other garden or lawn materials.

If you have pets and you are planning of taking them with you in your new house, better consider the advantages and disadvantages discussed here.

Different neighborhoods also have different rules and regulations when it comes to pet ownership. You have to comply with them if you don’t want to develop problems with your neighbors.

Your local real estate agent can help you find a home in a neighborhood which greatly appreciates pets.


Double Bed Or King Size Bed – What’s Better?

Sleep is a selfish thing. When we are fast asleep the last thing that we are able to do is to give consideration to another person lying in the bed beside us. Our body dictates how we move about at night, and the bed that we have dictates the impact that this movement has on the person beside us.

The real answer to the question of whether a double bed or a king size bed is better is neither.


Twin beds allows two people to chose mattress firmness and spring type which suit their individual needs, and will ultimately lead to a better night’s sleep.

Accepting the fact that changing to twin beds will not become a widespread practice there is no doubt that king size beds are what we need. A king size mattress is only 15cm wider and 10cm longer than a double bed, but the extra size definitely makes a difference.

The UK is the only country in the developed world where the most popular bed size is only 135cm wide. In countries such as The Netherlands, Greece, Finland and Iceland a standard size bed is actually bigger than a king size bed in the UK.

The sleep council recommends that you change your bed every 8 years

They also recommend that you buy the biggest bed that you can afford and that you can fit into your bedroom. If you have a double bed then you should trade up to a king size bed, and if you already have a king size mattress then why not try a super king size.

It’s a simple equation: bigger bed gives more space, produces more restful sleep resulting in feeling fresher.

Go for a king size bed.


Great Alternatives in Modern Platform Bedroom Sets

If you’re planning on a bedroom furniture makeover, you can start with a platform bed for that sleek, contemporary feel. And it comes with a decent price you won’t practically be busting the rest of your priority list just to give in to that urge to redesign. These beds come in many styles and sizes which make it more likely for you to get something that truly suits your style and your personality. Plus, they’re known for being such fine bedroom furniture because of their versatility. They should have no problem blending in with the other furniture you have and may want to keep.

There are many things to these beds other than style. Their low profile provides the alternative of a Japanese touch that you may want to explore. And that’s without costing you a fortune because platform beds are decently priced furniture you can get with maximum durability and comfort. Not just that. They also come with no boxprings and other structures that go against the natural flow of your back so you actually have no backaches to wake up to. And you have a good night’s sleep to look forward to each day.

One thing you may not like with your typical metal-framed bed is the sagging that’s quite inevitable as the bed ages. Platform beds are naturally inclined not to sag because they have built-in support and are set at a height enough for it to hold itself up while providing comfort to the one who lays in it. Basically, it’s the law of science that makes these beds such a great partner when you want to retire peacefully from a backbreaking day. With a platform bed, you definitely wake up with a better back each time.

If you want to play up your platform bed, there’s a lot of possibilities you can explore. You can make it look classic with an intricately sculptured side table, for example, and some fair red curtains with gold yellow trimmings. Or you can simply get a color-crazed comforter and put in lots of throw pillows you want. The colors don’t even have to be close to each other as long as they look good as one. Usually, a solid wood platform bed is enough to provide the base that pulls everything together so you won’t really have to worry about the overall look.


The Grandfather Clocks Story

The combination of a legendary story and a song is what created the name Grandfather Clock as we know it today. The story goes something like this.

Sometime in the late 1700’s there was a hotel known as the George Hotel. The George Hotel was a popular stopover for travelers and it was run by two brothers known as the Jenkins brothers.

The story says that there was a longcase clock in this hotel which was known to keep exceptionally good time. At least it did until one of the two Jenkins brothers died. Suddenly, the longcase clock began to lose time! As much as 15 minutes a day. It got worse and worse until it was losing over and hour every day.

Of course they best clocksmiths were brought in to try and fix it, but no one could. They finally all gave up.

They clock stayed in the hotel but it was no longer a good source of time. Because it was once famous for its accuracy it was now a conversation piece because it was so off on its time keeping.

The story goes on that when the second brother died at the age of 90, the clock stopped running at all. Even when it was wound completely the springs would not work and the hands would not move.

Eventually a new owner took over the hotel and left the clock standing with the hands frozen at the time of the last Jenkins brother’s death.

Now for the song part. The story above was well known to a lot of people from that time. So later in 1875, Henry Work, an American songwriter, was on holiday in England and found himself at the George Hotel. He was told the story of the clock. It inspired him to write a song and publish it. His sheet music eventually sold over a million copies.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

“My grandfather’s clock was too tall for the shelf

So it stood ninety years on the floor

It was taller by half than the old man himself

But it weighed not a pennyweight more

It was bought on the morn on the day that he was born

It was always his treasure and pride

But it stopped, short, never to go again

When the old man died

Ninety years without slumbering

Tic toc tic toc

His life’s seconds numbering

Tic toc tic toc

It stopped, short, never to go again

When the old man died.

In watching its pendulum swing to and fro

Many hours he had spent when a boy

And through childhood and manhood, the clock seemed to know

And to share both his grief and his joy

For it struck 24 when he entered at the door

With a blooming and beautiful bride,

But it stopped, short, never to go again

When the old man died


My grandfather said that of those he could hire

Not a servant so faithful he’d found,

For it kept perfect time and it had one desire

At the close of each day to be wound

At it kept to its place, not a frown upon its face

At its hands never hung by its side

But it stopped, short, never to go again

When the old man died


It rang an alarm in the still of the night,

An alarm that for years had been dumb

And we knew that his spirit was pluming for flight

That his hour of departure had come

Still the clock kept the time

With a soft and muffled chime

As we silently stood by his side

But it stopped, short, never to go again

When the old man died”

The popularity of this song led to these clocks being called Grandfather Clocks. Prior to the song they were referred to as longcase clocks, tall case clocks, floor clocks and even pendulum clocks.

In the early years, longcase grandfather clocks were made almost exclusively for people of fine upbringing or of noble heritage. They have been produced in the U.S. since the late 1600’s, but it really was not until the 19th century that longcase grandfather clocks became affordable for everyone.


The Dog Olympics

I was just watching the Olympics on TV last night with my dog, Hamish, curled up on the sofa beside me, when he let out one of his famous triple snorts. I had a chuckle, and thought to myself – this dog could snort for Australia!

Which led me on to thinking, what if we had a doggie Olympics?

I am sure I could enter Hamish for the Snorting competition – he’d get extra points for degree of difficulty, combination (a triple!), and volume (he’s a tiny dog, but you’d never know it by the noises he makes when he sleeps).

I think he’d also give them a run for their money in the Toy Retrieval competition, though I think we might lose points if he actually had to let the toy go once he brought it back to me (we usually wrestle for it).

My previous dog, Bruno, would have been very competitive in the Finding Hidden Treats time trial – that dog could sniff out a crumb of cake behind the sofa cushions at 10 feet.

And my sister’s dog, Remus, would have been the favourite in for the Cleaning Your Food Bowl competition. By the time he finishes cleaning his bowl, you could eat from it yourself!

And we could have entered the mud sledding competition – I’m sure we would have won that! (I need to explain – Bruno and Remus were bull terrier crosses – very powerful chests – and we live on 30 acres of rainforest. I foolishly took them both for a walk one day – at the same time – straight after we had some really heavy rain. Now I only weigh 50Kg, and those dogs together outweighed me, so when a kangaroo darted in front of us it was no competition – I was sliding through the mud hanging on to those two leashes for dear life! I eventually managed to stop them, and me, by sitting down in the mud and digging my heels in as they continued to drag me along. I never did that again ….).

Now, things we wouldn’t win. Being bullies, neither Bruno nor Remus could jump very high, and they weighed a lot, so we wouldn’t have entered the Jumping Into Your Owners Arms From a Standing Start competition. Nor the Smiling Sweetly While Other Dogs Go By competition.

And Hamish is a shocker at catching treats you throw, so we won’t enter him in the Treat Catching.

And my cousin’s dog, Lily, is a little neurotic, so she wouldn’t do very well in the Sitting Still While Your Owner Calls You competition.

I think it would be great to have an Olympics for ordinary dogs – not those fancy show offs who can do agility training and retrieval, just one for all the mutts! We’d let them show off their natural dog skills, like finding food, and playing, and showing us affection.

Our dogs are all champions in their own little way – you just need to think up the right competition for your dog! So, what would your dog win?


Recapture Lost Time in Your Organization

Today’s workplace is filled with busy people. There’s too much to do. There’s too little time. And the streets are filled with people that organizations didn’t think were busy enough. It’s no wonder that it is almost impossible to find someone willing to admit that he isn’t working at full capacity.

This leads to a big problem when an opportunity presents itself, and nobody is available to take on a project. So how does the organization make time for the project? There are at least three options.

The first option is to admit the organization is working beyond its capacity and hire more help. Although this seems like the obvious answer, it’s not a great solution. Organizations don’t have unlimited bags of money, especially in the tough economic times we are facing today. Spending money on more people usually means that some other need will go unmet. And then there’s the problem of what to do with the people you hired after the project is finished.

Another possibility involves recruiting people for the project and cajoling them to work harder. While this solution is very popular with the project sponsors, it is not popular with the recruitees. Burnout sets in, the quality of the project suffers, and eventually the organization begins to suffer serious morale problems.

A third option is to find more time in the organization. At first this idea appears to offer little promise, but it is clearly the best option. There is plenty of wasted time in organizations that can be captured and re-deployed on projects that will possibly save even more time. Finding it isn’t difficult. Look where it is most likely hiding. It’s like looking under the   sofa  cushions for money. Experience tells you there is almost always a coin or two under there. Here are five promising places to search for extra time within your organization.

1. Meetings. There isn’t an organization in the world that can’t free up tremendous amounts of time by paying better attention to meetings. Think about how much time you spend in meetings. What percent of that time is wasted? Now figure out how much time is wasted across the organization. There are several concrete things to be done to recapture this time. Make sure meetings have a clear and useful purpose. This should eliminate a good percentage of meetings. Second make sure there is an agenda and carefully follow it. This will keep the meeting on track and short as possible. Finally, be extra careful when creating the meeting invitation list. Only invite those people who absolutely have to be there.

2. Processes. Almost all processes can be improved. Perhaps they contain steps that don’t add value. Maybe they could benefit from automation. Possibly the people working the process don’t have the proper tools or resources. In each of these cases, improving the process almost always frees up time within the organization.

3. Travel. Anyone who’s traveled for business or pleasure knows it’s a game of hurry up and wait. If there’s an airplane involved, it seems like the better part of a day will be chewed up in travel. Here are a few ideas to consider when hunting for wasted travel time. Begin by asking the most obvious question, “Is this trip really necessary?” Could the objectives be met by telephone, videoconference, or email? Another strategy is maximizing the amount of productive time that goes along with the travel time. Instead of traveling all day for a single, one-hour meeting, could other meetings in the destination city be scheduled for the same trip?

4. Environment. If you ever found yourself needing to work off-site because you really had to focus on a piece of work, your office environment probably creates too many distractions. Perhaps you have a culture where you “pop in” on each other. Maybe there’s just too much noise. In any case, distracted employees are inefficient employees. Significant amounts of time are being consumed in those distractions. The challenge is to identify and eliminate as many distractions as possible.

5. Routine work. Evaluate each and every piece of work you do. Is it all really necessary? Chances are that most everyone has something in her routine work that she does because she thinks she is supposed to, but in reality it wouldn’t matter one bit if she simply stopped doing it. Likely candidates for unnecessary work are regular reports and record keeping.

There’s always far more time available within the organization than it appears. The trick is finding it, capturing it, and then redirecting it to the activities most likely to support the organization’s success.


Greece – Ios Island Architecture

Architecture plays its own special role in the formation of the cultural identity of a place. In the case of los or the Cyclades in general, this role is particularly important. Architecture is one of the basic elements in the distinctive character of these islands. The brilliant white houses with their vaults and arches cling to the bare rock, creating a superb contrast with the deep blue of the sea, which is unmatched anywhere else in Greece, not to say the entire world. The architectural style of the houses is spare, uncluttered, even severe. There is no adornment, merely plain lines and curves. Above all, there are no building regulations. The houses are built next to each other, one above the other, in a clear example of free, unplanned development. The required design is executed without any hesitation.

The design effortlessly links the house to the landscape and reconciles it with the environment. At the same time, it serves another purpose: that of protecting the inhabitants against extreme climatic conditions and against any other unwanted “visitors”, such aspirates or invaders. The houses are cramped in the narrow, labyrinthine streets to withstand the strong winds. Porticoes offer protection against rain in winter and sun in summer. Great care is lavished on whitewashing the structures, to protect the houses from the heat of the summer by reflecting the sun’s rays. Finally, the thick walls afford excellent insulation against both high and low temperatures. As for protection against invaders, the inhabitants would withdraw to the castle in times of danger, but the tiny windows and doors of the houses were also designed with defense in mind.

Most of the houses in Chora were built over 200 years ago. The only exceptions are a number of old houses and a few neoclassical buildings. These neoclassical houses, the “mansions” (archontika) of the island, which were built at the beginning of the 20th century, have two storeys, with a pediment and plaster columns on the facade. On the ground floor is a large room with a hearth in one corner, used for heating and cooking, and a table in the middle for the daily family meal. The formal dining room, in which dinners were held on the occasion of weddings and all family celebrations, is on the upper floor. It is a large room known as the sala, furnished with a table in the centre on which a Venetian lamp used to stand, and with a   sofa  decorated with traditional embroideries or textiles, and a cupboard with a mirror, usually adorned with a few family photographs. To enter this room, one had pass through a veranda known as the boudi, which was reached by way of an exterior staircase. There was often a secondary, interior spiral staircase called the klavani. The bedrooms are to right and left of the sala, with which they communicate directly.

In the countryside there are still a number of old houses whose purpose was to serve the needs of the inhabitants’ farming activities, mainly during the summer. They are very simply constructed and are normally single-storey buildings with one or two rooms. These little houses are normally found together in groups of five or six, forming small settlements known as katikies.

In the context of architecture, mention should be made of the numerous, very interesting churches to be found in Chora or scattered through the entire island, which add their own characteristic tone to the landscape.


3 Great Sex Positions For Ultimate Female Pleasure – Use These Orgasms Techniques to Your Advantage!

If you’re looking for sex positions that can maximize the potential for her to reach orgasm during intercourse, look no further. It is important to make sure that your woman has the fullest potential to climax in order to keep a healthy sexual relationship alive. You can do so by applying these 3 sex positions that are aimed towards achieving orgasms for women.

1. Thumb massager – When the woman is on top, the man can lie flat and tilted his pelvic area up word, with his muscles tightened up. Lift your pelvis up slightly or place a pillow under your rear end to prop yourself up. Next, put your hand on her lower belly just above her pubic area. With your thumb, gently stimulate and the size her clitoris while she is moving on top of you. This supplies plenty of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

2. T. form – Have the woman lie down on her back and the man should lie perpendicular to her (forming a T.). The man will be straddling her far leg and he can enter from slightly sideways. This is great for deep penetration as well as heavy clitoris stimulation that you can apply manually. This double sensation can provide powerful orgasms.

3. Maximizer – Have the woman lying on her back with her legs closed together. The man can either lie on top or stand or kneel entering in front of her. He should be entering at a slight diagonal angle and put both her legs over one of your shoulders or on one side of your body. This position is designed for maximum clitoral stimulation and is easy to perform if the man is standing or kneeling with the woman having her legs hanging off of the sofa or bed.


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